Jess Turner

English proofreading and editing
German/Dutch to English translation

Clear and accurate English is essential for any business aiming to reach an international audience

Written content in English needs to be clearly understandable to English speakers of all varieties.

Someone with native-level skills and expertise in various English language contexts is therefore necessary to target your services and company message to an international market.

The quality of the language used and the overall consistency of your content will affect how your company is perceived in the global marketplace and will reflect the professional nature of your business. Therefore it really pays to get this right.

This is where I can help you

As a native English speaker from the UK with a first-class BA (Hons.) Linguistics degree from the University of London and experience translating and proofreading in a variety of contexts, I can help your company or project stand out amongst the best in the English-speaking world.

Contact me to bring your written communications up to a high standard.