Jess Turner

English proofreading and editing
German/Dutch to English translation

Translating text from German or Dutch into English

Having spent over two years living in Germany and one year living in the Netherlands, I am now able to offer translation into English from both German and Dutch.

Good translation is more than just about dryly translating the basics. Having been immersed in the German and Dutch languages, I have become experienced at recognising the tone and nuance in these two languages which are often falsely stereotyped as being blunt or rough.

I've also become experienced at identifying the pitfalls and misunderstandings which can arise from a hasty translation, where a concise phrase needs expanding upon in English, or where a humorous remark requires delicate handling to remain funny and on-topic.

So if you wish for your German or Dutch writing to be translated into English with the care and accuracy it deserves, get in touch to discuss your requirements.